I want all comments, thoughts and ideas on ANYthing  – whether I’ve posted about it or not. “What a great packing list!” “You are so smart and pretty!” “Shut up and buy a f’ing tent already!

I decided on the way to work this morning to make seperate little heyheyhihowyadoin! packages for y’all who have been reading my ramblings and helping me so much (both practically, and just in the confidence boosting I get from knowing people care).

…who’s gonna fuck with a unicorn??


Maybe that should be my sticker. Some fruity-ass unicorn picture that says FUCK YOU. Because I have decided to go with stickers, I think, to hand out. My usual mix CD, though they’re awesome, would be cumbersome. I have an awesome sticker idea (more than once, actually!)…so at least that is decided!


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One Response to “Yes!”

  1. Brody Says:

    I’m sure you’ve seen the Charlie the Unicorn video(s), right? Right? Ok.

    Nobody fucks with a unicorn is an awesome tag line. I might have my friend make some buttons for our Unicorn!Event that says that. Mwah ha ha ha.

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