If YOU like taking advice from pretty girls like I like taking advice from pretty girls…

Miss Tess shares,

I feel that the heat is MUCH easier in the desert! The sweating WORKS because it EVAPORATES!!  And misting is so refreshing for the same reason! And if all else fails start  drinking beer (chased with water, duh)

Interesting. Me, I will be interested to experience the heat, as I have never been in a desert climate – well, the Ngong Valley was a desert, I believe, but it was rainy season, and quite temperant. Sweat evaporates??


One Response to “If YOU like taking advice from pretty girls like I like taking advice from pretty girls…”

  1. Tess Says:

    I am originally from the desert I should say so my experiences may be different than other peoples 🙂

    After I’d lived in NC for a year I took a cross country road trip and stopped at my gma’s place in New Mexico. I stepped out of the car into the 105 degree heat and it felt so NICE!! My Gma and Aunt were DYING and complaining and was practically skipping and jumping with glee!!

    It’s not to say that I don’t get too hot as well, but there is only really one or two times that I was really too miserably hot to do anything. The time I remember…I woke up at 4 am to catch the sunrise. Met some kids who grew up where I did. They invited me back to their rental box truck full of pbr. I had about 100 it seems. At about 11 am I decided it might be a good time to walk home seeing as I was wearing snow boots, snow pants, 2 sweaters and a long suede coat. I stepped out of the truck into the sun and EGADS it was HOT and WHERE WAS I!! When I got to the esplanade I realized I’d been at about 2:30 and G (I’d walked 7 blocks already) and I need to be at 8:20 and Esplanade. I miraculously found a bike and made it home. I was so hot I wanted to die. I put on my bathrobe and lay underneath my camps shade structure drinking water while someone fiddled around with their mister. I didn’t move from that spot for hours!! So, I’d say dehydration played a bigger role in my misery than say the heat.

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