Yes, I’m a heat-sissy. I’m used to daytime temperatures of 30C (82F) in the summer and -20C (-4F) in the winter. The idea of 100F scares the h*** out of me as I’ve never experienced that before. Ever.

I don’t really know what to tell you! Drink a lot of water, if you feel tired, sit down? This is pretty much the hottest place I’ve ever lived or traveled, and I’m become fairly acclimated. A lot of people recommend wearing a wet bandana, or having a misting fan…see, that’s one thing I won’t be talking about, so you should cruise Eplaya and Tribe for tips. Maybe some Iraqi veteran forums.

At night, though, you’ll be walking around in shorts telling everybody in their ridiculously huge fur coats what sissies THEY are!

Thanks for the warning about the cleanliness of the water truck spray. Never occurred to me. I think I’ll stick (no pun intended) to daily wet wipes and maybe one birdbath if someone winks at me and asks me to stay the night.

It’s pretty much understood everyone there is over-physically exerted, hot and sticky and unbathed. As one sex advisor said, start licking baby wipes now, if you think you might hook up with someone.

Or just have conversation and get to know each other! Hold hands n’shit. Grimy, dusty hands.

I was serious about the Human Carcass Wash, though, and there’ll probably be other opportunities at camps that offer showers. Or you can try to set up your own little grey water/evaporation system.

“The Human Carcass Wash is awesome.  It is sort of like a multi-person attack massage where you get clean, and then freeze to death afterward as you air dry.  Very refreshing!” – Runaway


2 Responses to “”

  1. Runaway Says:

    The Human Carcass Wash is awesome. It is sort of like a multi-person attack massage where you get clean, and then freeze to death afterward as you air dry. Very refreshing!

  2. Tess Says:

    I feel that the heat is MUCH easier in the desert! The sweating WORKS because it EVAPORATES!! And misting is so refreshing for the same reason! And if all else fails start drinking beer (chased with water, duh)

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