You be right, Unicorn lady

Take the I-70 route to Boulder, Colorado.  Stop there for a couple of hours for beer, food, shopping.
Go from Boulder straight to Gerlach, NV, stopping in Salt Lake City for any last minute provisions.  (We can top up on ice and etc in Fernley)

Hopefully by last minute provisions he means “everything you need for a week…”

In good news, a spot opened up on the bus and will hopefully be filled by a cute, effigy-building burner man. So that means I can pack less books! You know for the non-stop bus orgy we’ll be having (note to self, bring a copy of Short Bus) we’ll be having.


I’m packing a big ol’ box of books.


Actually, I am trying to stave off reading a few books I’ve aquired – I am a terribly fast reader, so a book that might last someone the whole trip, I’ll finish in a day or less.

And another Kingsolver I don’t think I’ve read. Which is hard to believe, as she is wonderful and I thought I’d read everything. I’m also taking

and more…


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One Response to “You be right, Unicorn lady”

  1. Runaway Says:

    I recommend you stock up on most of your provisions before we leave. Freeze dishes you might’ve made, etc. The stop in SLC is for produce if you need it, things you realize you forgot, etc. Don’t make it your only shopping trip.

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