In awe. Shocked. Delighted. Beyond pleased.

I have always depended on upon the kindess of strangers….

I haven’t, really, but still. Thank you. I can’t !@#%^ wait to get my belt! And see yours! And be all, “Hey internet stranger from Canada, you rock!”

I’ve been blogging (have diaries going back to third grade as well) for almost ten years. None of them got comments, for the most part, much less repeat readers and commenters, even much less repeat readers and commenters who are so grateful they share with me a fabulous GIFT!

You’ve restored my faith in humanity and knocked my never-ceasing existential dilemma (If I blog and nobody comments, do I exist?) down a peg. Now, on with the blathering!


One of my three was cleanliness. I’m not a small creature and so I was concerned that after two or three days I’d become so ripe that my bunk mates would make me sleep in cellophane.

You could camp with a camp that offers showers – you might want to look into a theme camp. For a camp fee, you’ll get any range of food, showers and other amentities solo virgins traveling long distances, such as ourselves, can’t provide on our own.

They alleviated my concern with this bit of info:
“Question: I assume no showers?
Reply: Navy showers (wet……wash………rinse) or run naked behind water truck sprinkling roads every am……….everybody does it for sport”

Water truck showers! That sounds like waaaay fun!

Playa bath = wet wipes

I think they’re gross, and smell. Usually, at burns, I have water and just bathe – or at least wash my hair once or twice, and face several times a day.

However, the playa is uber strict about MOOP*, and I ain’t gonna try to figure out some sort of water evaporation mechanism…plus my camp has showers. 🙂

I didn’t get to test run the

at Transformus, or their shampoo.

*My very first burn, Alchemy, I was doing greeter/gate duty the first day. By myself! People kept asking where their spankings were…anyways, some kind gentlemen drove up to keep me company, and I exclaimed I was going to sneak off to powder my nose. MOOP! They cried. Matter out of place. Anything – ANYTHING – that was not there when you got there should not be put there, or left there. Including urine.

The whole running behind the water trucks thing is hotly debated. I don’t think I’d do it…the issue being the chemicals in the water, and if “potable” water is full of sewage bacteria.

If I were you, winkwinknudgenudge, I’d line up for PolyParadise’s Human Carcass Wash.

Bathing at Burning Man

And now I can go on to obsess about one of my others things: What can I bring to eat for those days when I’m so hot that I don’t want to eat at all?

I laugh at all the sissies, scared of the heat, fearful of the cold! I mean, only 100 degrees? Psh. Be a man! Come sit with me on my back porch where it is 100 degrees plus 99% humidity AT NIGHT!

At least 40 degree nights doesn’t scare you, eh?

(See what I did there, eh? Hoser? Tim Horton’s? Poutine?)

Food…I’m going to pack for my trip out there and then see what I can see, once we stop for final groceries in Gerlach. We’re going to a Trader Joe’s, never been to one, so I have no idea what I’ll be eating…I can’t bring my usual (hummus, black bean soup, ceviche).

Again, good reason you might want to see if there’s a camp with a meal plan of some sort. 

Please let me know what else I can research/look up for you…!!! I’m terribly grateful for your gift!


4 Responses to “Flabbergasted.”

  1. Brody Says:

    ….I’m sure you mean “stop for final groceries in Reno”? Gerlach doesn’t have anything except a bar, and the Burning Man headquarters. It’s a wide spot on the road. Reno’s the last big town.

    Trader Joe’s is awesome. They have lots of great stuff, including refrigerated hummus, and some wonderful soup-in-a-box things (the red pepper corn is DELICIOUS, you can just stick it on your dashboard to heat up).

  2. Chris Says:

    >I laugh at all the sissies, scared of the heat, fearful of the cold!

    Yes, I’m a heat-sissy. I’m used to daytime temperatures of 30C (82F) in the summer and -20C (-4F) in the winter. The idea of 100F scares the h*** out of me as I’ve never experienced that before. Ever.

    Thanks for the warning about the cleanliness of the water truck spray. Never occurred to me. I think I’ll stick (no pun intended) to daily wet wipes and maybe one birdbath if someone winks at me and asks me to stay the night.

  3. Runaway Says:

    As Brody says, no real groceries in Gerlach. We’ll stop at Nowhere because that’s fun, but the last stock up on the bus trip will be in Salt Lake City. Try to do most of your prep and freeze before we leave.

  4. Another really long post, because I don’t have internet at home so when I’m off work, stuff piles up. « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] FINALLY tried the No Rinse shampoo I got last year. I tried taking pics, but greasy hair doesn’t really show up on film…it smelled pretty […]

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