And that reminds me

Another solution: pack some of your foodstuffs in a 5-gallon bucket, and on the return use the bucket for compostables/grey water/whatever else you need to carry back in a sealed bucket.

A five-gallon bucket is a mainstay of mine, as I take my own toilet. I haven’t decided whether or not to do this, yet, at BM.  I can just see it go flying…and, BM is longer, as my usual burn stays of 5-6 days. And I will be on a bus with other people, not just in my car, dumping my trash at a gas station dumpster.

In other bodily function news…

While the “pee funnel” was fantastic, it would create quite a bit of MOOP, with all the plastic bottles being filled (as in, having a pee funnel to pee into bottles in the middle of the night).

I hear nothing but horror stories about the portolets on the playa  – I’m already anti, hence my own toilet (and funnel, and mad squatting skills).

Plus, apparently they’re kinda far away.

And whatnot.  Now, to get even more TMI

Some points I have about points he has:

A two-gallon bucket with soil holds a week’s worth of #2’s.

(I can’t figure out how to change font colour). No it doesn’t. Well, ok, it might, but it’d be full.

When your potty isn’t in use, leave it outside the tent with the lid off.

That seems inconsiderate. For the past two burns, I’ve set mine in a corner of my EZ UP (granted, I have the space to do that) and it was fine.

Oh, I guess I’ll share my method:


(minus little bucket)

Well, that was the original plan. Now, instead of the big seat (which rocks), since I’m keeping it in the tent ( to avoid having to set up a shelter for), I use

And, of course, trash bags. That seat clicks on, stays shut, no worries. No more lines, claustrophobia, weird smells or having your genitals that close to other people’s shit.



2 Responses to “And that reminds me”

  1. Brody Says:


    Ah…you carry the plastic bottle to the port-o-potty every morning, and dump it. No moop.

  2. Brody Says:

    >While the “pee funnel” was fantastic, it would create quite a bit of MOOP, with all the plastic bottles being filled

    The above was what I was trying to quote..oops!

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