Mountain House Scrambled Eggs + Bacon

I couldn’t find a good pic, but here’s another discussion on it:

An aside, I’m totally exploring this site after I make this post.

I pretty much agree with what he says, as far as saltiness and draining the water – I added the exact amount of boiling water, waited the proper time, and it was waaaay too watery. “I usually add less water to those,” my campmate said. He and his wife had brought several. I re-read the instructions, and it did say to drain it.

Kinda ew.

It was surprisingly “not suck.” The eggs were fluffy. It was too salty for my tastes – but most all prepackaged/processed food is. I think it was the bacon, that made it too salty. The bacon was medicore. More salt than bacon flavour. Plus, it has MSG. In a pinch, though, it was fine. Make a sandwich, add some cheese and potatos – and it was enough for two people. I still have another one…chicken something, I think, I might take to BM. Or not. Dunno.

I’m getting a little burnt out on preparations…oh, but here’s your tip of the day (and by “your” I mean slantvaliant, the only other virgin reading!):

Whatever you won’t be bringing back, pack in a cardboard box. Or paper bag. I like boxes for car-loading ease (and small table, if need be).

Then, after you’ve eaten everything, you can burn it and not deal with bringing it back. Generally, I divide trash into take home and burnable (and, of course, go out of my way to reduce trash taken. 

Usually I eat out of the containers (wrapping and trappings removed back at home) or my mug, use one of these

(write your name on it) and have very little trash, overall.


One Response to “Mountain House Scrambled Eggs + Bacon”

  1. Brody Says:

    Another solution: pack some of your foodstuffs in a 5-gallon bucket, and on the return use the bucket for compostables/grey water/whatever else you need to carry back in a sealed bucket. 🙂

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