Shelter Systems…

Hm, Brody…I’m seriously considering it. One person can set it up…the bubble ones are cute,

but I’m guessing not sturdy enough for the playa?

 The “10” would be the one I can afford, but it is only five feet high? It isn’t included on their comparison page.

And on another page an 8 and 11 are mentioned.


Geodesic YurtDome 10 Diameter 10 ‘x 5′ High, 75 sq’, Weight 21 lb. $480

Geodesic YurtDome 11 Diameter 11’x6’4″ High, 95 sq’, Weight 20 lb. $350

Geodesic YurtDome 8 Diameter 8’x7’4″ High, 50 sq’, Weight 20 lb. $290

8 actually sounds big enough…the 11 is bigger than the 10, but cheaper? I think I might just email them and say hello. I’ve alllllways wanted one of these. 

So, on another note, I just got back from Transformus and might camp on the playa with PEX. Or Big Puffy. I just don’t know yet.  It was a magical weekend, some truly awesome/hilarious/amazing/WTF? moments…hot damn.

I’ve decided to do my first theme camp, for Alchemy, to boot.

Pee funnel = AWESOME. I think B is the only female reading this (or rather, there aren’t any fellow female playa virgins), but if you have a camping woman in your life, get her one.  I peed off a bridge! Didn’t have to sit on gawd-awful portajohn seats! Didn’t have to balance! Well…I did, but that was the DOOM! juice talking…

I didn’t get a chance to test the No Rinse shampoo and body wash, the Tasty Bites was tasty cold, and the cooler is a big ol’ “meh.” Per usual, I came home with a lot of food, and no likker.

Not to mention beaver chants, ((((KAO))))), stripey socks and my very first EL wire.

Also, my glow-in-the-dark boots are cramaaaazing. I led two missions with them, one Top Secret Science Mission to the Science! Bar (SCIENCE!) at lower lake, and one very murdery trek through  Shangri-la. Imagine creeping through pitch black woods, nothing to guide your way but a glowing pair of skeleton feet. Or don’t imagine, and follow me into the woods! I promise not to sodomize you. Too hard. 😦

…you might think it very odd of me….*


*Don’t sing Meet the Feebles to people who haven’t seen it. Or do. Loudly, in the woods, as they are trying to trail your glowing feet to Jedi Training Camp.






One Response to “Shelter Systems…”

  1. Brody Says:

    Bubble domes aren’t sturdy enough for the playa. The 11′ would be ideal for one person + stuff, I’d imagine. We have a 14′ dome, and it ROCKS. But it’s definitely an investment…. lasts forever though.

    Yay pee funnels! I love mine, although I always have moments of “oh crap, if I pee too hard am I going to flood the thing and piss all over myself?”. Hasn’t happened yet. (sorry, TMI)

    And what is this about glow in the dark boots? Can you post a link?

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