“You’re not a wigwam, you’re two tents.”

*Edited: mesh roof tents might not be good: “most new tents seem to all have that damn mesh roof – great for stargazing, not so great for keeping playa dust out of your sleeping space.”

*Recommended. Other recommendations just flat out aren’t feasible for one person, with no tools who hates putting stuff together and is hitchign a ride and has no money.

Tents, tents and more tents.  After posting on eplaya, about the whole EZ Up quandry, I’m still keeping an eye out…today’s adventures have me totally off-track, looking at some tent porn.

But what makes these skinny-ass poles any better than my EZ Up legs? Lower center of gravity, I suppose, more flexibility.

I like this one, it looks like something from an Antartic sci-fi movie:

Would be good for say, two couples  who want some privacy. Now THIS one:

is a death trap, with all those ropes, but you wouldn’t have to leave….

One room for sleeping, one for hygiene, zip up tight in a sandstorm for some Uno. Or…other activities you should zip up your tent for while you pass some time.

This is actually a larger version of the tent I have (a few years ago, after months of exhaustive research, I got it on Ebay, and couldn’t find it anywhere else):

It is the tent that drove me to the EZ Up. One time, it took me a good hour to set up. I was listening to my iPod and, apparently, cursing up a storm. Later during the event somebody said, “Oh, you’re that girl who was screaming obscenities…” Hence, it is “The Bastard.” Suffocating, with the rainfly on.  They have a cabin-style option

But I just don’t know how feasible it is for one person (mechanically un-inclined) to set up. I think this is the same one as the one before the cabin

One room for sleeping, one for storage, and the middle area for stumbling around in. I know, I know, “Good god, woman!” But I find that when my home is comfortable, and I sleep well, and don’t feel suffocated and claustrophic, I feel much better, and have a more enjoyable time.

This one is highly rated, and “easy” to set up, but geez look at all the poles

Similiar in size, better rated:

I like how it looks like it’d have good airflow.

…Wordpress isn’t letting me copy text, but it has other amenities that sound nice. Not the !@#$% 54 lbs it weighs!

I finally made it to Sportsmen’s Warehouse, but to my aggravation a) the hunting thingie I wanted to test out was no longer set up on the floor b)the second floor, which used to be many tents set up, was sorely lacking in variety.

So, my big plan to test run some tents was failblog.org. Ha! Meme speak.

Anyways.  This one seems fairly nifty, I guess:

Has pockets and a mirror n’ stuff.  I have to assume the windows have covers, though there’s no pics of that. I think I liked this one, at Target


Except reviews for Eddie Bauer tents are polarized: people are giving it five or one star. “I love it!” “Pole ripped holes in it first set-up.”

Now THIS is so TOTALLY what I WANT!

Sweet, no?

One day when I’m rich I’ll custom make some walls for my EZ Up.

I’d also love a yurt, a la


I’ve wanted one of those for yyyearrss…since I thought I was going to live in the woods on a mountain.


4 Responses to ““You’re not a wigwam, you’re two tents.””

  1. Runaway Says:

    Still don’t believe me that the Ez-Up tent will work? I’d love to read the eplaya thread, can you send a link to it?

  2. Brody Says:

    Tents that have mesh are OK, as long as you have the rain fly over them (and it’s a tight-fitting rain fly!). I’ve now graduated to a Shelter Systems dome (quick to put up, totally super awesome), but I also have an REI 8-man, 3-room tent that I used to use. It’s neato.

    And I agree, having a good living space (particularly if your camp doesn’t have a Living Room-type area with good carport/dome shade) is really important.

  3. Chris Says:

    Holy cow…hexayurt ftw.
    How would you ship it there? I’m guessing vehicle with trailer?

  4. Father Phoenix Says:

    My wife and I personally swear by the one from Target. We owned one and used it at several events. Was easy enough to set up that I can do it by myself. It’s blood huge inside. To give you an idea of how much we like it ours was stolen. I’ve got to get a new one for Alchemy. I’m buying the exact same one again. I don’t know how to give higher praise to something that when you have to replace it getting the same thing again. The only thing I don’t like is the front screen room section never did go quite like they show. It does work but it sags a bit. Overall very minor. And it fits into an amazingly small package for storage. I’ve used a lot of tents over the years and looked at even more. Unless someone comes up with something truly amazing I’m sticking with that one for good.

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