Still on a quest for the perfect day bag. This  seems pretty neat-o, except it’d be unwearable with my costumes. And, it’s only $25.

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2 Responses to “Grabit”

  1. Chris Says:

    La shopping pro, m’aidez!
    Rumour has it that trying to meet up with someone you had planned to can be difficult. The sand storms are only one blockade…there’s also the ability of a Burner to take your attention away from your planned activity and whisk you away to something else.

    So with that “danger”, I’ve been told that walkie-talkies are the answer.

    Don’t suppose you’ve shopped for those yet…?

    • Runaway Says:

      Walkie talkie channels tend to be unbelievably crowded on playa. Just skip it and expect that the ooo-shiny! effect of the playa will make meeting up difficult and don’t take it personally, just go with your own flow as well.

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