hELla cool…

hELla…EL wire. I have two firm projects I want to do, involving clothing and EL wire. There are many more in the recesses of my brain, I’ve been in love with the stuff since I first saw it. My lack of tools, skills, knowledge, etc., has thus far prevented me from accomplishing any of them.

HowEVAH! One involved my infamous Day of the Dead getup I love so dearly…a skull of some sort on the back of my playa coat (more on those later!) I just found this. I can cut it off and sew the whole thing on, I think. Add some muertes decor on my own.

Maybe get this thing, and sew it on something.

The other is a dress I found, that is red, orange and yellow, like a flame. So, I want to do some flames – something I’ve been planning to do on SOMEthing, eventually…it’s kinda cool to wear in the day, on its own, though. Dunno.


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