Coolers pt. 2

“You don’t really move coolers that far, so the wheels aren’t going to get used at Burning Man – even if they did work in the sand.  The wheels are made for people who go to large events and pull the cooler across those giant parking lots.  Even then, you have to support a lot of the weight yourself while carrying it.  A hand truck is much more effective.  Buy the size cooler you need.  I had a 14inch cube last year and it was plenty for my stuff.  The bigger it is, the more ice you have to carry around.”

Word.  I was thinking wheels might be useful for other burns/events, and just to help lil’ ol’ me get it into my car.  I could do with a smaller one, but like I said the 5/6-day cooler has been recommended as top-notch, and it only comes in the larger sizes…plus, more beer room! Ha!

I reckon I’ll also wait and talk to my fellow campmates, see what will already be there and such. Since my travel plans have changed…(I think a bus full of folks would be a good choice, as opposed to me and a fellow in a giant U-haul…as much as I like said fellow (which is only as much as you can like someone you don’t really know). Yar!)


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