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Sin, you have the freaking most amazing advice.

Other readers, allow me to share wise, wise words from a wonderful woman:

 Make-up melts. Avoid oil-based (I use acrylic paints, way cheap, easy to remove), or keep it in your cooler.

Use your cooler water melt from ice for washing your face – don’t use your good drinking water.  I was already wondering about what to use that water for!

…pack some powder or corn starch in a little zip lock for heat/rubber chafing on the face.

I could try a cheap-o tent, that’s true. We don’t get wind here, though…I’m looking forward to this Trader Joe’s place! We have neither one of thsoe nor a Whole Foods.  I hate that I’ll have to spend time wandering around (as opposed to my Publix, or Rosewood Market, that I could shop in blindfolded), but I’m definitely getting some Tasty Bites stuff.
Here’s some gluten-free tips I got from fellow DOOM!ster Bex:

My staples out there usually fall into the Thai Kitchen rice noodle
ramen soup packs, Annie’s wheat free mac n cheese, Trader Joe’s makes an
awesome gluten free rice tortilla (burrito sized!).

Salty is going to be your best friend. Nuts, chips, granola bars or any
other bar that you like to nibble on for a snack.

I usually tend to eat breakfast because it isn’t so hot yet – cereal or
fruit and a bar or if I’m fancy – wheat free pancakes or somethin like that.

Lunch – I do a lot of vegetables and salad type stuff. It can be hot in
the middle of the day and I often don’t want to eat too much.

Dinner – one of those other things or tasty bites and boil in a bag rice.

oranges hold up well, as do apples – bananas, melons, peaches, berries
and other stuff not so much.

I really need to start getting ready for Transformus..hardly two months until PLAAYYYAAA!

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