How am I going to carry stuff?

Pod belt and Camelbaks seem to be the primary recommendations. I don’t want my back getting all hot and sweaty and sore. This seems kinda neat, if not fabric heavy:

Lots of storage space, easy on and off (not a good thing, though…I’m not taking any of my usual bags, because I don’t want to lose them!) but a little aprony.

This one looks bad-ass, but tiny pockets (presumably unusuable) and a high price – but it glows!!

This is the idea I’m going for, and I hope to just cobble together some cargo pants from the $1-a-pound Goodwill to make one…I could get the plain black one, and add some EL wire, I reckon.  Sometimes I just get tired of making everything. Mostly because I’m just tired, period, but that’s another post for a different blog.   I need a robot to make everything in my head – free up some space in there!

Also, I dig this coat:

It’s a little 70s velour/polyester housecoat, but the overall shape I like.

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One Response to “How am I going to carry stuff?”

  1. Chris Says:

    This’ll sting your wallet once you factor in shipping but I can’t think of anything better for what you’re seeking.
    I’ve got my red courdory (sp?) one and the only thing that has me unsure about taking it is that it uses a lot of luggage space when it’s not being worn. Maybe the softer fabric models are less bulky?

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