The unadulterated packing list is four pages (down from six) long.

For the ladies, taking a little folic acid suppliments is a good idea. Also, eat plenty of acidic foods like tomatoes (spagetti sauce, salsa, soup…lots of canned options here), oranges, lemon/limeade etc.

Make up for costumes can melt in your tent, keep lipsticks in the cooler


·        Cornstarch

·        EmergenC

·        Coconut Water

·        Camelback or similar

·        Goggles

·        bandanas,

·        sunscreen,

·        chap-stick,

·        flag for camp

·        lantern

·        parasols

·        respirator or particle/dust mask

·        headlamp flashlight

·        clean towels (sealed in ziplocks)

·        AA batteries, lots of ’em

·        Sleeping bags, liners
·        Blankets, sheets
·        Pillows, pillow cases
·        Pads, foam, air beds, etc
·        Jammies, robe, slippers
·        Ear Plugs
·        eye cover mask
·        Solar powered fan
·        Batteries (rechargeable)
·        El wire projects, etc
·        Shelter
·        Tarps, poles (electrical conduit?)
·        Aluminet Shade Cloth
·        Shade cloth grommets
·        Old sheets and fabric pieces
·        Old rugs, small pieces of carpet
·        Old tarps with holes and blown grommets (good to cover the dusty ground in camp)
·        Decoratively painted heavy canvas panels for ground covers
·        Stakes, rebar with bent tops
·        Rope, variety of weights/sizes
·        Something to cover rebar and stake ends such as plastic soda bottles, tennis balls, small stuffed animals etc (protect our feet!)
·        Something to mark stakes and ropes at night such as reflective ribbon, flashers etc (people run into them otherwise)
·        Big sheet of plastic (for gray water catch basin)
·        Boards--2 by 4s etc, short and long, to form basin rim
·        Shower platform (small piece of sturdy plywood and some short 2 by 4s--keeps your feet out of the scum)
·        Bike lights, front and back (bike lights are a must!!)
·        Bike bell Extra padding for the seat (do you like to ride nekkid?)
·        BIKE LOCK! (don't be a statistic)
·        Baskets, milk crate, rack
·        Bike pump
·        Spare tires and tubes (a must!)
·        Tire repair kit
·        Needles and heavy thread
·        Grommet repair kit
·        Super Glue
·        Self Stick Nylon Fabric Repair Kit
·        Repair kit for your air bed/pad
·        Camera 
·        Canned air (don't leave in the sun!)
·        Solar shower
·        Towels and washcloths
·        Non-scented shampoo and bio-soap
·        Lotions, massage oil
·        Nasal spray for cleaning out those playa boogers
·        toilet paper
·        Baby wipes
·        Contacts, extra contacts
·        Extra contact solution, etc
·        Prescription glasses
·        Toothbrush and toothpaste
·        Hair brush, comb
·        Hair ties and clips
·        Small mirror
·        Tampons, pads
·        Small day pack 
·        External Hang Tag with your name and camp location 
·        Your prescription meds (bring extra)
·        Band-aids, Ace bandage
·        Moleskin, blister packs
·        Tweezers, needle
·        Rubbing alcohol, witch hazel
·        Sunburn help (Aloe Vera)
·        Liquid Bandage
·        Aspirin, other pain killers
·        Similsan Eye drops (plain and "red out")
·        Old tennis shoes (bring extra comfy shoes)
·        Undies 
·        Raincoat 
·        Warm clothes 
·        Long johns, tights
·        Set of straight clothes for going home
·        Laundry bag for dirty clothes
·        Paper towels, napkins
·        Tin foil
·        Garbage bags (large and small)
·        Mesh bag for wet garbage (dry it!)
·        Folding table, tablecloth
·        Small cheap hammock

·        Zip ties

·        Safety pins

·        Moleskin

·        – One Gallon Of Water Per Person Per Day

·        Enough Food For Entire Your Stay
– BASH (BigAssedShadeHat)
– Warm, Windproof Clothing
– Knit Ski Cap
Leather Work Gloves
– Reading Material
– Dr Bronner’s Peppermint  Soap
– Rugs & Carpet Remnants
A cup –

·        Powerbar or some other non-meltable snack

Pen, pencil, or marker, and paper

·        $10 for chai or latte at the cafe, or maybe you will want to buy ice on the way back to camp

·         Mints or some such 
Toothbrush and toothpaste

·        During the day, put your sleeping gear in large garbage bags and tie shut to keep out the dust!


Soy milk (doesn't need refrigeration)
Sugar, honey
Fruit, canned and fresh
Veggies like carrot sticks
drink sport beverages. Get the powdered kind 

3 Responses to “The unadulterated packing list is four pages (down from six) long.”

  1. Kirk Says:

    To cover your rebar stakes, buy some foam swim noodles at Wal-Mart Cut them to fit the above-ground rebar. Try to find them with smaller holes for a snug fit. They’re tough, light, brightly colored, can be cut to fit, and cheap. If someone does trip on them, it can then be funny instead of tragic.

    Also, you could cut 2” sections and run your ropes through them. Space them a couple feet apart. Just jam a stick or chunk of foam in the hole to snug up the rope.

    I hope you have (had) a great time.

    p.s. Long pieces of rebar with whole swim noodles fastened SECURELY would make for great non-lethal swordfights. Leave a foot or so unnoodled and duct-tape around the handle.

  2. Chris Says:

    *scribbles furiously on a piece of scrap paper*

    Wait..wait…it’ll be my first time too….let me get all this down…”eye drops”..damn you’d think something like that would be so obvious, yet it never occurred to me…

  3. Brody Says:

    It helps to lay it out in categories, and in an easily-printable form.
    I’ve used this one for years (updated every year). Some stuff’s specific to me, but most of it will be useful for many Burners:

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