In what will be the first of many

Posts about tents. Shelters. What have you. A few years ago, when it became apparent I’d need a good tent, I started shopping. Well, researching. Hours. Every day. I finally got an odd one off Ebay I liked much, except for a lack of air flow when the rain fly is on.

I’ve since graduated to a First Up (aka generic EZ Up) because it is, indeed, easy. Takes up no more or less space, is no more or less difficult to put together. And there’s  plenty of space. I can stand up. Move around. If I had to, I could put my toilet it in there – ah, a segueway, my toilet.

I use the 5-gallon bucket + kitty litter method. It’s great. I take it every time (unless it’s a one-nighter). My shelter so far is a few yards of fabric and a sheet safety pinned and bungee corded to whatever tree I could find. I”m planning to make something sturdier, but now I think I might have to get this:

It satisfies my need to not be seen when I shit, my SCA fetish and my love of silly.  Also why I wish grown-up tents (and shoes) were cooler.

I could get this for the toilet


and this as a tent

And I want thisthisandthis.

Attempts to decorate my “tent” thus far have been unsuccessful. I’m hesitant to comprise structural/fabric integrity with paint, hot glue, velcro or other some such method of decorative high-jinks.


One Response to “In what will be the first of many”

  1. nancy Says:

    Buy a crap tent from craig’s list or thrift store and experiment with paint and such and leave it up in your back yard for a week during hot and rainy weather and see what happens.

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